“Of Our Times” Late Night Legacy // A Review

“A look at the latest offering from Leeds-based rockers Late Night Legacy. Come quick, there’s… Titans??”

Since stumbling upon them at a Treatment gig back in February and becoming instantly obsessed, Late Night Legacy have become my go-to suggestion to all hoping to remain on the cutting edge of great new music. Effortlessly cool and hometown heroes to boot, the bluesy four piece are the perfect addition to anyone’s record collection, so upon hearing of the release of their latest music video “Of Our Times”, I obviously couldn’t wait to see what they’d come up with.


Often likened to bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the guys displayed the same compelling mix of poise and pure absurdity, not shying away from the quirky with their array of Titan-esque morphsuits, silly string and hilariously miniscule instruments. In a video where the only constants were the candy-striped setting and the undeniable hooks, the band cycle through a variety of scenarios, from the whimsical to the downright ridiculous, without losing an ounce of their laid back charm.
In the rare moments where we see the band in their normal attire, their stage presence really comes to the fore, with their energy making it seem like they may burst out of the confines of the set at any moment. It is this unbridled force that makes them such a compelling live act, and it translates into technicolour remarkably well, giving viewers just a taste of what it’s like to see the guys for real.


All in all, behind the ukuleles, men-in-black sunglasses and strange anatomical furniture, this is just a truly great track with one heck of a good video to go with it. The polish alone is enough to convince me that Late Night Legacy are well on their way to renown both in the north and beyond, but don’t take my word for it! Check out the video above, and leave them a comment with your own thoughts, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.
You can find the guys on Facebook as well as their own website for more information regarding music and tour dates, and as always:
Stay Different,
Your Skye

9 thoughts on ““Of Our Times” Late Night Legacy // A Review

  1. Nice! I’d never heard them before. I think their quirkiness saves them from turning into one of those overly serious 90’s power rock bands. Anyone who can rock out on some human appendages is fine by me.

  2. I’ve never heard of them either, but they sound awesome its a such a shame there’s not many boy rock bands out there now fab post xxx

  3. Cool, don’t think I’ve come across them before and always keen to find new bands to listen to 🙂 I’ll mention this to my friend too who’s also in a band to see if he knows these guys 🙂

    Alina | Lifestyle & DIY

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