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Hey there! I’m Skye, an asexual, straight-edge vegetarian having far more fun than you might expect. After all: I might stay away from sex and drugs, but I more than make up for it in rock ‘n  roll!
I’m enamoured with all things alternative, be it heavy metal, witchcraft, leather+absinthe scented candles, drag performers or the best place to buy a latex gown, so that’s exactly the kind of content you can expect to find here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. Get ready for a heady mix of how-tos, interviews and gig reviews – with the odd splash of Disney and musical theatre, y’know, for the kids.
Stay Different, feel free to have a look around, and don’t be afraid to get involved. …Just remember, half way between hell and hollywood lies halloweentown… and you’ve just landed in the pumpkin patch!
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