Late Night Legacy “I’m An Eagle” // Review

 “Leeds’ favourite blues rock boys are back with another spine-tingling hit, and you’re not going to want to miss it!”

Now if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I have a soft spot for well-made, classic sounding Rock ‘n’ Roll. There’s something about a new band creating something quintessentially timeless that makes me want to feature them again and again, which might explain why Late Night Legacy have once again graced the proverbial pages of this humble site.
You might remember, but back in the summer of 2016, I reviewed the band’s latest single Of Our TimesSince then, I have been following their progress with interest, and I thrilled to announce  that their newest effort, I Am An Eagle, will be available for purchase on the 24th of June. Not only that, but there’s a tasty new video to go along with it that coming out in less than 24 hours!

late night

Now I have to admit to hearing the track before – after-all, it was on the setlist of the Key Club show that got me into them in the first place – but this version is an entirely different beast. Recorded at The Old Chairworks Studio, it had the legendary David Watts at the helm who is responsible for, among others, some of The Kaiser Chiefs’ and Skindred’s heaviest hitters. Not only that, but it was mixed by the award-winning Lex Shellard, giving the final product all the smoothness of The Amazing Spider-Man or Men In Black 3. 
The result is a groove-infused, rough-and-ready anthem with one of the funkiest riffs to come out of the summer so far.
As always, the vocals are undeniable, with frontman Kitto balancing the rough and the smooth with characteristic ease. Combined with an irresistible bassline, the vocals hit on just the right amount of sleaze to pack a punch, but it’s in quieter moments that their cleanness really shines through.

tour dates

The lyrics are self-affirming to the point of being anthemic, but the funk that infuses every layer of the instrumentation ensures they never once border on pithy. Instead, what could easily veer into inspirational-fodder instead holds the tongue in cheek sparkle that the four-piece are so famous for, a sense of humour that the video has in abundance.
It’s really rare that a music video can actually make me laugh, but this one managed it. More than that, it got me so invested in it’s ridiculous narrative, that by the end of it it felt genuinely heartwarming. It’s hardly the first time Late Night Legacy have dabbled in surrealism for their videos, but this feels like the most well-realised vision of all, and it pretty much has everything you could want.

FINAL cover art version 2 white.jpg

Superhero pastiche? Check. Ridiculous costumes? Check. Black and white gig footage, band members inexplicably playing their instruments outside? Check and check. It’s as though they consulted a cheat sheet on how to make a rock video and said “to hell with it, let’s do it all”, and the result is so delightfully crazy it’s hard not to be completely taken in.
In short, Late Night Legacy’s newest release has all the raw power I’ve come to expect from them, with an extra scoop of polish for good measure. Add to that a outlandish and high-energy video that’s enough to put a smile on even the sternest critic’s face, and you have a serious contender for the summer chart.

The video for I Am An Eagle is released on the 4th of June. You can find the guys on their Facebook or website for more info regarding music, tour dates and more! 


23 thoughts on “Late Night Legacy “I’m An Eagle” // Review

  1. Thank you for the recommendation! If I was in the UK I’d definitely go and listen to them live but unfortunately I’m not so I’ll check out the video instead 🙂


  2. Always good to have new music recommendations. They sound like a great sounding band, possibly something my daughter would really enjoy. I shall point her in their general direction.

  3. Oh I need to check them out! Always up to some new bands to listen 🙂 thanks for the review!

  4. I have never heard of them but will def go check them out – its the kind of music my son listens to!

  5. Never heard of them before, but enjoyed reading your post. Will check out their social media accounts.

  6. I am a music lover so I am always looking for new music to listen to. I will have to listen to more of their songs, it has been a while since I have found a ‘new’ good band x

  7. Its a shame that the majority of these shows are in the north, as I’ve just moved back down south and my nearest now would be Milton Keynes (and that’s still far!). Thanks for sharing though, always good to find new bands!

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