Rebellion Of The Puppets!

“New band interview in the form of Manchester menaces Puppet Rebellion! Get ready to rock out or whatever it is the kids are doing these days…”

Puppet Rebellion are the Manchester based exponents of “heartfelt, honest independent music” we’ve all been waiting for. Formed in 2013 and comprised of guitarists Paul and Craig, vocalist Ollie, bassist James and drummer Danny, the band have been plugging away at the UK scene with two smashing EP’s and the promise of more to come.
Inspired by everything “from folk to dance” their sound is epitomised by a track on their latest EP called Claim To Fame (as well as an up and coming song they’re “all really excited about!”) but when pressed admitted that they wish they’d have written Stairway To Heaven. Partly because it’s an “awesome song” and secondly because “just think of the royalties!”. You can’t argue with logic like that can you?


Like many modern UK bands, Puppet Rebellion say they enjoy the more intimate gigs both because of the “fantastic reaction” they elicit and the simple fact that “it’s nice to be up close and personal with so many fans that [they] recognise from previous shows.” Despite this sometimes even an awesome setlist and a great reception isn’t enough to stop gigs going awry, as James explains:
“The other day our guitarist Craig and I were racing back to our drummer’s new car after a gig. It was raining, so we were in a rush. Craig saw the car and ran up, threw open the back door and started to get in – then realised it was the wrong car and there was a family sat in there! The dad in the car wasn’t very pleased and threatened to rearrange Craig’s face. Good times.”


Unfortunately James didn’t have any wisdom to impart regarding this situation, but was able to offer up some other knowledge about bandom in general. His words? “Aim to make the band self-sustaining it makes things much easier. Also – use a lighter gauge of guitar string.”
In any event it’s clear Puppet Rebellion are going places, be that on tour or to free the puppets from their autocratic overlords, and everybody else should be joining them. I’d like to thank the band (and James in particular!) for taking the time out to talk to me, you can find out more about them by visiting their website and social media. If anyone has any favourite bands you think I should try and nab for a few words then you can message me here or comment down below, and as always:
Stay Different,
Your Skye

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