The Sunshine Side Of YouTube!

“Lets all take some time to appreciate the warriors battling to make our internet a nicer place, even if that’s through video blogs about Harry Potter and cupcakes!”

So I watch a lot of YouTube, like a lot of YouTube, and I’ve found so many creators that I’ve grown to love since first stumbling onto the platform. In particular though, there are some creators who always manage to brighten my day – both with amazing content and a sparkling personality. With that in mind here are my 5 best female YouTubers for putting a smile on your face, best paired with a Lush bath bomb and an afternoon of self-care, in no particular order of course!

1) Jamie Jo (BananaJamana)

Jamie Jo is a YouTuber best known for her baking and speed painting videos, but her channel is a treasure trove of bubblegum aesthetics and adorable anecdotes. Recently I’ve fallen in love with her videos (and her) all the more, because she so valiantly confronted the internet hate that surrounds her and maintained a sunny outlook all the while. Think Fluttershy meets Disney princess – this girl never fails to lift me up with both her kindness and her talent and it’s a pleasure to watch her grow and gain confidence as a creator.

2) Tessa Netting

Tessa Netting, the USA’s answer to Luna Lovegood, the world’s premiere fangirl, and the reason I spend so much time angsting about my hair because why the frick won’t it just do what hers is doing?! Tessa’s videos (born out of a love for Harry Potter but now spanning fashion, fandom and so much more) are so upbeat they never fail to cheer me up, and her habit of giving her fans a little Lumos whenever they need it only makes her sweeter. She’s gone from strength to strength recently, all set to participate in Disney’s new show BUNK’D, but hers are the videos I find myself going back to again and again. Plus we’re both Ravenclaws!

3) Brizzy Voices

If Tessa is bubbly then Brizzy is Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drink, she’s another one with enough energy to motivate me through even the most humdrum day. Best known for her incredible impressions and homages to some of the best voice actors in the business, her lifestyle videos are just as much fun. Every time I need a heavy dose of nostalgia I look to her, and she never fails to put me in stitches, even if I’m jealous of her hair too….

4) Dodie Clark (doddleoddle)

Elizabeth may officially be the longest reigning monarch but I think we all know who the real queen is. Dodie’s channel is an anglophile’s dream, with tea, ukuleles and sometimes even a hilarious American friend, and honestly her sheer talent makes my head spin. I should probably say that I got such intense hair envy after watching her short hair styling video that I went out and chopped my own off, and her potential to inspire doesn’t end there. She’s such a genuinely sweet person with the cutest discography I’ve ever heard, and watching her adventures around London makes this grey and rainy country of mine seem so much brighter.

5) Stef Sanjati

Stef might be the cutest beauty blogger I’ve ever seen in my life, and her steadfast involvement in both the LGBTQIAA+ and social justice communities makes her even cooler. She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever come across, her artsy videos are some of the best, and every time I tune in I get the hugest desire to up and move to Canada. It’s been amazing to see her grow and gain recognition in such a short time, proving that Final Fantasy-worthy hair and a quirky persona is definitely the way to go. Oh, and there seems to be a heavy dose of Ru Paul’s Drag Race references on her channel too!
…And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this list, who are some of your favourite female vloggers? Have an amazing weekend, and as always:
Β Stay Different,
Your Skye

4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Side Of YouTube!

  1. I watch youtube videos too, but only if it's about animals. Although there are times when I watch, videos like these and yes, they do make my day. I might as well check those you mentioned out. πŸ™‚

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