Glitter And Greasepaint // My Rocky Horror Experience!

“Join me on a night of unbridled debauchery, with more fake hair (and men in dresses) than you can shake a sexually ambiguous alien at!”

Hello All,
So anyone who knows me will tell you that Rocky Horror is my life. I was introduced to it far too early thanks to my friendship group of burgeoning punks, so from the age of five I could be seen playing around in my mum’s make-up and singing Sweet Transvestite on the bus to swimming lessons and back. Rocky provided me with a setting for first dates, a source of sleepover entertainment, and later on a way to come to terms with my queer identity.
OOTD. A lot of people thought my hair was fake. You can see the full coord on lookbook.
Rocky influenced me profoundly as a performer too: when in dance lessons nobody else wanted the freaky, dark, even racy parts – I was first in line to channel my inner Frank-N-Furter. Through Rocky I found Cabaret! and my love for the tattier, grittier side of theatre, through Rocky I found the confidence to play characters like Bugsy Malone’s Tallulah, Chicago’s Roxie Hart and even Calamity Jane’s Francis Fryer. It’s fair to say I had lived the life of a unconventional conventionalist with one very important exception:
Until yesterday, I had never seen The Rocky Horror Show live.
I know I know, heresy right? Thankfully a late night impulse buy hooked me up, and I spent a month and a half putting an outfit together and making sure I knew all the call-outs by heart.
rocky blog post
Pre and post-show snaps. You can’t go wrong with a red lip.
Me, my mum and my dad spent the entire day getting ready, arriving with ten minutes to spare and getting a metric heck-tonne of weird looks while running through town in heels to get to the venue. Once there though, all the pain and lost bobby pins became worth it.
It was a paradise. Everybody there was just like me, high on glitter and hairspray and the utter excitement of being a part of the magic. I’ve said before that Rocky is like a family and, surrounded by people of all shapes and sizes decked out in maid’s outfits, tightly-laced corsets and eight inch heels, it truly felt like it. I was home.
rhps cats
The charity cat! Taking selfies with an animal that just wants to sleep isn’t easy.
The show itself was incredible, people were kicking in the aisles and singing along like they were a part of the cast, and I even got one of the call-outs entirely to myself! Hearing the entire theatre laugh and the cast break character because of something I said was a truly unforgettable moment, and made me feel once and for all like I had earnt my stripes. Though there were some technical difficulties that stopped the show the night couldn’t have been better, from the first-time drag queens who complimented my hair to the charity cat I got selfies with in the foyer.
It was a night I won’t forget for a long time, and I know that wherever I go, I’ll carry a little bit of the floor show with me – both metaphorically and literally given all the merch I bought!
What about you guys? Have you got the Rocky Horror bug or are you a flat out Rocky virgin? Let me know, and as always:
Stay Different
Your Skye

42 thoughts on “Glitter And Greasepaint // My Rocky Horror Experience!

  1. I’m happy you had such a great time, and with your folks too! (you must have a fun and close family to all go out together and have an experience like that). I love theater! thanks for sharing this!

    1. I love musicals and even better when you see them in the theatre, its just the best experience, i love it! Ive not seen Rocky Horror but now i want to! You look great too love your hair!

  2. I’ve never seen/really heard about the Rocky Horror show, but I’m definitely intrigued to look into it! I’m always down for an excuse to go to the theatre!

  3. Um, I’ve never seen it. I mean, I know The Time Warp but I’ve never seen the film. I feel quite ashamed admitting this. It’s maybe just as well. If I was ever caught up and tempted to wear fishnets then we’d all be quite sorry.

  4. I’m glad you had a wonderful time! And I love your hair, it’s totally awesome! I’ve never seen Rocky Horror show, but it sounds like something I’d enjoy greatly! 😀

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