Inside The Sad Ghost Club // Interview

“Sad ghosts discussing anxiety and depression is a lot happier (and a lot cuter) than you might think!”

Today I am hugely honoured to reveal an interview with a company very close to my heart, The Sad Ghost Club. Based in Bristol but having travelled all over the UK the club is run by friends and artists Lize and Laura, providing comics and apparel for “anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost… those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club.”
 With their cutesy zines and prints the pair say their aim is simple. “We want to create a safe and inclusive environment so that people who have ever felt alone or lost can feel comfortable and accepted.” Laura said, with Lize adding: “With the comics we want to show that it’s okay to have these feelings and that they’re more common than they might seem.”
Despite describing themselves as “concerned” and “introverted” individuals the two have overcome everything from social anxiety to residing in entirely different countries, and draw on their personal experiences often for inspiration. As for how the idea itself came about, Lize explained:
“The idea came about due to lots of smaller circumstances. The ghost character came from a comic I made about my boyfriend when he dressed as a ghost for Halloween, I liked the character so much I made some badges when I was feeling really sad. I then made another comic about being in ‘The Sad Ghost Club’  and from there it just got more and more popular and very hard to do on my own.  I wanted to turn it into something positive and helpful so I asked Laura to help me.”


 But why a ghost? As Laura stated, “emotions are a thing everyone experiences” and as such the project aims to be “as neutral as possible. This blank canvas for people to project themselves onto.”
 You can find The Sad Ghost Club’s links, shop and social media here, and be sure to email them at if you’re interested in a custom order! In addition, Lize operates as a freelance illustrator, and her work can be found here.
The two were total dolls allowing me to interview them so send them your love! I’m still accepting submissions for my outfit of the day segment which you can submit here, or just to tell me who I should talk to next.
akes a ghost the perfect figurehead, as a ghost has “no race, sexual orientation, gender, size or age.”

Stay Different,
Your Skye

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