"Love Me Hurt Me" Oriana Curls – A Review

“Because who doesn’t love cabaret videos with lots of pop appeal, cute costumes and handsome men?”

Hello All,
So today marked the release of something long-awaited by me, the newest musical offering from French jazz singer and all around cool gal Oriana Curls. Her live acoustic EP (available for purchase here) was a delight that was over much too soon, and I couldn’t wait to see what else the London-based singer-songwriter had to offer.
Of course, I was not disappointed.


“Love Me Hurt Me” is a quirky little number, suited to smoky jazz bars and cabaret clubs alike while still managing to be radio ready. The chorus is catchy, the lyrics are sultry yet empowering, and the video has everything you could possibly want from an I-don’t-need-you anthem; adorable outfits, a handsome bearded guy, and dance routines that make you want to join a burlesque/ballroom troupe immediately.
In short, it’s a wonderful piece, as sweet as it is sharp and as cute as it is cool. No doubt in weeks to come it will grace the iPod’s of dancers and dreamers alike, and why not?
Leave a comment telling me what you think or go leave Oriana some love, and don’t forget to tell me what I should review next!
Stay Different,
Your Skye

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