The One And Only Original Bruise!

“Raw talent, beautiful beats, and outfits that can kill? It must be the Scottish drag scene.”

Hello All,
When you think of Scotland what do you think of? Do you think edgy? Do you think contemporary? Do you think out of the box but undeniable glamour? If the answer is no… well, perhaps you should. Meet Bruise, the newest doll to grace the internet with  stark make-up, a killer personality and the promise of great things to come.
 But who is she? Bruise’s creator had this to say:
“My drag persona is a physical image of my creativity, I study contemporary art and really like to challenge and push myself really far with it so I wanted to use a medium in my practice so I created “Bruise”, a walking canvas for art. I want to use makeup and fashion to get my ideas and concepts across, Bruise will be an on going art project for me.”
Inspired by Ru-Girls like Milk and club kid culture alike, Bruise mixes art school finesse with pop culture chops, and says “there is no boundary between (her) art and (her) drag.” Determined to “just really have fun and go wild with it” it is clear that there are no holds barred for this fresh new queen, and we should all definitely be on our guard and ready to gag.
When asked about what drag truly is she simply stated:
Drag is “Art, distortion, experimentation – don’t think, just do.”
You can find this fabulous queen here and here, so go send her some love! Feel free to like my Facebook page for future interviews or tweet me / leave a comment and tell me who I should snag next!
 Have a fabulous day, and as always:
 Stay Different,
Your Skye

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