Hidden Cabins “Bet It All On You” // A Review

“The New Jersey duo are redefining folk with their new single, and it’s magnificently melancholy….”

Band: Hidden Cabins
Single: Bet It All On You
For Fans Of: The Swell Season // The Mountain Goats // Johnny Cash
Folk is one of those genres can go either way, and it often gets reduced down from a spectrum to a single set of images. People think of cornfields and sunlight and acoustic guitars, summer festivals and flower crowns and craft ale. Consider this your formal warning: this is not that kind of folk.
Hidden Cabins often release songs that live in the inbetween space of genres. Often they create songs that are lyrically romantic, with gentle, lilting melodies, only to shift the tone in such a way that tips the whole track into an almost frighteningly melancholic place. It makes for a truly intriguing listen, as you are constantly on your guard for emotional changes, ones that then happen so subtly you leave yourself wide open to them.
However, Bet It All On You is a different beast entirely. It doesn’t shy away from sadness and longing, and it perfectly treads the knife-edge between desolation and allure. There’s an undeniable note of hopelessness in the track that is only amped up by the cyclic nature of the melodies, making it easy to be swallowed up by it entirely. The instrumentation is cooler too, more minimalistic and modern, putting beats underneath the warmth of the guitar in the first section that feel almost alien in the composition.
And yet, I can’t stop listening. It’s expertly done, there’s an irresistible charm to the dark romance of the lyrics, a pull to the emphatic quality of the vocals that is almost hypnotic. By the last half, when things take a more earthy turn, I dare you not to be sucked in entirely.
It’s a perfect blend of everything that is good about both rock and traditional folk, and it seems to signal a new evolution for a duo who already  boast a masterful touch.
Bet It All On You is available for purchase here. You can view my previous review here, and submit your own music for review or inclusion in my Mixtape Monday feature via my Facebook page.
Stay Different,
Your Skye

20 thoughts on “Hidden Cabins “Bet It All On You” // A Review

  1. During the last 1/2 of the song Rich Perry on drums and Jason Del giudice on bass powerfully join in on this song .It truly is a powerful, haunting song.

  2. I find this song perfect for those days when I just want to stay in bed listening to music while dreaming of new beginnings and …bet it all on them. I like it, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love hearing about new music, and particularly those that people recommend. Had a listen on the video and they have a lovely sound; I do like someone that can actually sing. This bloke does. How fabulous.

  4. This music is not something I know so much about, so it was interesting to read this here. Sounds like a great band and nice album! xo

  5. I haven’t heard of them before, but will certainly give them a listen. Always up for finding new bands!

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