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Rhiannon-Skye is a 19-year-old content creator, currently working as an online music editor, YouTube scriptwriter, freelance writer and blogger, referring to themselves in the third person out of a crippling fear of self-promotion,

GoodnightTheSkye is a repository of all the content they couldn’t find a suitable home for – with a particular focus on alternative music, fashion, and subcultures.


For Fans Of: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Burlesque, Queer Culture, Elvira, Killstar, Tim Burton Movies, Pumpkin Patches, Red Velvet Curtains, Circle Pits, Circle Lenses, Vinyl Dresses, Festival Season

Warning, May Include: Strident Feminism, Loud Music, Short Skirts, General Weirdness

Theatre Reviews
“Love is goofier than we give it credit for” – The Wedding Singer @ The Grand Leeds
The Monster In The Candlelight – Blood & Ice resurrects Frankenstein’s Monster for 2017
Glamour, Terror, Decay: Will Smith & Company in Cabaret @ The Grand Leeds
Mud & Vodka – My Festival Diaries
Leeds Festival 2016: Friday // Saturday // Sunday
2000 Trees 2016: Thursday // Friday
Who said glamour isn’t punk rock? In The Middle with Creeper
Music Reviews
Does America still fear its Antichrist? Marilyn Manson’s “Heaven Upside Down”
Pop Music Done Well: Blondie’s “Pollinator”
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